Latin Dance

Grace Tan and Zack Tan are both passionate Latin Ballroom Dancer and are one of the top Latin Dancesports athletes in Singapore. They have respectively devoted to pursuing their dance passion individually since 13 years ago. With their current dance partnership, they have participated in various Local and International Latin Dancesports Championship, achieving numerous recognizable results, qualifying as finalist & winning numerous Champions. Their consistence travelling for international competition also helped raised awareness on the Singapore’s Latin Dancesports scene internationally when they were placed 2nd in 2017 in KunMing (China) and Thailand, and came in Champion in 2018 in Mumbai (India), and 2019 in Singapore. Their most recent result includes attaining champion in Latin Amateur category in Singapore Dancsport Organization Championships 2020 and was top 3 in Crown Cup International Dance Competition 2020 in Bali. 

They have accumulated a wealth of knowledge through their years of dance trainings, competitive dance career and their life-long learning from some of the world-renowned Latin dance teachers from across the globe. Besides competitive dancing, both of them enjoy performing and had done performances for many events. Zack and Grace also attained Champion in 2018 in Mumbai (India) Dancesport Competition under the Showdance Category. They had also brought their dance students together on same stage for dance shows.


The beautiful movements in Latin dancing have always been fascinating to both of them, and they had learnt many life values through Latin dancing. Both Zack and Grace are inspired to share the fun and impart the techniques and knowledge of Latin dancing with kids, adults and simply anyone who would love to experience Latin dancing. They hope to create more awareness of Latin dancing in local scene and help their students grow and discover in their dancing journey.

Zack Tan & Grace Tan : 

拉丁舞教练  现役选手

舞龄 : 14年 和 13年






2017 IDA泰国拉丁舞国际公开赛新星组第一名

2017 IDA泰国拉丁舞国际公开赛公开组第二名



2018 新加坡第二届SDO拉丁舞公开赛公开组第二名

2020 印尼巴厘皇冠杯拉丁舞国际公开赛公开组第三名

2020 新加坡第四届SDO拉丁舞公开赛公开组第一名

Chinese Dance



  1. 北京舞蹈学院少儿中国舞等级考试专业教师!

  2. 少儿基训课堂专业教师

  3. 专业古典舞金牌教师

  4. 成人中国舞金牌教师

  5. 成人东方舞金牌教师

  6. 少儿东方舞金牌教师

  7. 曾获第五届唐韵嘉华“情牵一带一路——新加坡国际艺术 节”优秀指导教师奖

  8. 曾获第六届唐韵嘉华“情牵一带一路——新加坡国际艺术节”优秀指导教师奖

  9. 2017曾获新加坡东方舞大赛 冠军 

  10. 2018年“新加坡中国青少年春节晚会”指导老师以及交流使者!

  11. 曾获新加坡东方舞国际大赛团队亚军

  12. 曾带学生参加各种演出和比赛获得冠军,亚军,季军!





Belly Dance

Tina Chou is a belly dance teacher in Singapore's SHAKIYA Dance Academy. She has devoted herself to the belly dance industry 9 years ago and is well known in local and regional dance’s circle.

Her enthusiasm for belly dance got stronger as the years go by which saw her perseverance to continually upgrading herself with some of the world-renowned belly dance masters across the globe; till date, Tina have accumulated more than 500 hours of professional belly dance trainings.

Equipped with a wealth of knowledge of this traditional heritage, Tina has won in numerous dance competitions, including the Singapore belly dance competition professional championship among other professional titles.

As a professional dancer, Tina has been very active on the major stages of Singapore and the region; she regularly performed for major events held by both the authority and private events, on or off screen. Occasionally, being the few qualified professional, Tina would transform herself to become the referee in major belly dance events in local and neighbouring countries.

As a teacher with an excellent reputation and value, Tina is keen to share and impart her skills in belly dance with others of the same interest; thus she is deeply loved and supported by dance’s students and audiences alike. Under her sincere guidance, students with or without prior experience achieved great knowledge and success, such as winning the Malaysian belly dance competition among other  great achievements.

Tina hopes to share the art of belly dance with more people local and aboard. She is committed to push the local belly dance art scene to a higher stage, why don’t you come join her?

Tina Chou,Tina老师不仅是新加坡SHAKIYA舞蹈学院的知名肚皮舞老师,在本地肚皮舞行业也是小有名气。9年前投身到肚皮舞行业,对肚皮舞的热忱与喜爱让她坚持不懈的努力学习与进取,期间也远赴世界各地参加过多位世界知名肚皮舞大师将近500小时的集训进修课程,累积了丰富的知识,并且在2014年赢得了新加坡肚皮舞大赛职业组冠军。这些年作为专业的舞蹈员,她不仅活跃于新加坡各大舞台,为各大种活动呈现精彩的表演,也曾受邀参加新加坡电视台与网络媒体的节目摄制,并且也多次荣幸的受邀作为表演嘉宾与专业裁判出现在本地与邻国的各大肚皮舞活动中。

作为一名称值优秀的教师,执教多年,她的专业精神及对学生们的辛勤付出,深受学生们的喜爱,得到学生们衷心的拥护与支持。在她的指导下,学生们不仅在舞蹈上收获甚多,也登上了本地的多个舞台,展示风采,她也带领学生们出征马来西亚肚皮舞比赛并取得了优秀的战绩! 在未来的路上她希望能与更多的人群分享肚皮舞艺术,致力把肚皮舞艺术推向更高的舞台!